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Tiny Diary '23

A very limited edition of only 10 carefully curated from my Daily Gratitude Drawings '23 project

(see project here)


Artwork is the final composition one (1st Image). You can also find here the 6 respective tiny drawings that make part of the Artwork.

About the project: "Tiny Diary" is a personal project that arose from my difficulties in sleeping.


In an attempt to solve my sleep problems for the umpteenth time and taking the doctors' suggestions of thinking about a good moment of the day and writing it in a diary, I decided that one of the resolutions for 2023 was to create my own illustrated / painted diary with that good moment of the day.


Each 'square' (or day) is 3 x 3cm.


After one year of this 'exercise', I noticed that I kind of enjoyed it..

I'm not sure about my sleeping getting better but the exercise of forcing us to think of something good that happened (no matter how small it may seem) it really changes our way of seeing the world..

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