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Reflekt_ions aim to enhance the appreciation of art to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.

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Reflekt_ions’s 1st Drop will be released on October’s 17th in the MarkersPlace, the premier rare digital art market. This exclusive marketplace considered the potential impact and wonderful artwork of the project worthy of listing in this selective environment.
The 1st Drop is composed by 5 unique Reflekt_ions NFT cards and then several additional unique NFTs cards will come out to set up your own exclusive Reflekt_ions NFT Deck.
We expect to launch more products over time to continue to improve Reflekt_ions experience.


Project Description

Created by Maria Reis Rocha, the project believes that artistic interpretation acts beyond and sometimes in spite of our more direct intentions, thoughts, and perceptions. Therefore, the moment of interpretation invites us to respond with more awareness, spontaneity, and imagination.
In collaboration with Pedro Monteiro, co-founder and psychologist, the artist created NFT art for active interpretation by holders and developed step-by-step art appreciation exercices to allow holders to experience their NFTs to the fullest.

The project aims to be a promoter of exclusive art interpretation for NFT holders,

who are entitled to the digital and printed version of the NFT.


Maria Reis Rocha
Maria Reis Rocha studied in Brussels (BA in Arts - École Européenne II), Milan (Art and Multimedia studies - Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera) and London (MA in Graphic Moving Image - London College of Communication) where she developed her professional path for 8 years. Later, she returned to Lisbon, to follow her passion for the arts and live closer to her family.
Maria works mainly on book illustration, fabric patterns, illustrative series and custom projects. But she also illustrates music video clips, GIFs, VJ graphics and NFTs.
Watercolor and drawing will always be present in her work, from the creation of the most dreamy universes to the illustrations of current themes.
Debating herself with the eternal question of how to contribute to a better world, she is involved in humanitarian projects using illustration as a way of awareness and producing impact.

Why is Maria Rocha launching her 1st NFT collection? 
Because the web 3.0 ecosystem and its decentralization feature is based on upright ideals that allow artists to be rewarded more justly for their creativity and craft, because it is a form of innovation and to pave on a better future, and mostly because it guarantees a direct way to continue supporting social causes and making an impact on those who need it most.

Pedro Monteiro
Pedro is a DX expert and manages international projects that optimize collaboration and social impact through innovation and new technologies. With extensive experience in non-profit projects, he seeks to use his behavioral psychology skills to improve mental health and social sustainability in different contexts. A true believer in the potential of decentralization to enhance our society.

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