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Anyone who knows me knows that there is a tradition that I never skip:

every December I create an illustrated Advent Calendar.


The tradition of the Advent Calendar in my family goes back several generations.

There has already been the classics a bon-bon a day, there has already been a poem a day, there has already been games to play with the family, etc.

A few years ago I took over this chain and started the ‘a drawing and a poem’ a day Advent Calendar.

In the end, on the 24th, all the drawings fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle, to form an image,

a gift for all of you.


These drawings, which I only used to share with my family, began to be shared with you so that

you could also have an 'illustrated' December.

(you can see past editions on my Instagram account: @maria_reisrocha)

Every year I make the illustrations from the previous year´s calendar available in postcard format so that you can send them to your beloved ones

(this year's Calendar is only revealed during the magical month of December that is coming!)


There are 2 options of purchasing the postcards:

Only one Pack (6 postcards) or

Entire set of postcards (24 postcards) so you can try to assemble your own illustrated Christmas tree!

Both options have their respective poem on the back of the folded postcard.


See you in December?

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